Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life goes on...

Well it has been simply ages since I last blogged. The season's festivties and then lots of socialising, as well as the evils of Facebook have kept me away from the blog. So there is a bit to catch up on...

Mitch & Harry are heading back to Kindy four days a week (2 3/4 hours a day). They are VERY excited and looking forward to seeing their friends and the teachers. We did the all important lunch box, drink bottle and school bag purchase and they are ready to go. I will miss them and our leisurely mornings - but this is all part of the wonderful journey ahead of them.

I haven't managed to do much craft, but am planning to head away with some of my girls friends for a weekend of scrapping and relaxing. I can't wait!!! Why is it that as mums and women we often feel guilty about taking time for ourselves? A friend recently had a birthday party and invited just her female friends and it was so much fun, that we have promised to do it again soon.

Kev has been away at CANCON - a convention for Wargamers. He stayed with our friend Avi and came back tired, but very happy. These special times away really help make our time together special. Besides at the moment, I really wouldn't fancy the long drive to Canberra with two small boys and having Kev preoccupied with games the whole time we were away.

So while Kev was away we went to the beach and what fun we had. The boys and I swam and walked along the beach. And Grandad helped them perfect their cycling - they were riding approx 1.2-1.6 km each time and asked to ride at least twice a day! We enjoyed fish and chips, icecreams and relaxing. It was a terrific holiday and it was lovely to share it with our family.

And so life is slowly getting back to normal after the Xmas break. Kev is back at work. The boys are heading to kindy. And I am looking forward to another year of being a wife and mum.

Hope everyone had a great Xmas time with family & friends,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help I am addicted to Facebook

Well it has to happen...
Well I suppose strictly speaking it DIDN'T have to happen...
But it was inevitable!

I discovered Facebook and I am addicted!
I love the quick updates about friends.
I love keeping in contact with my friends and family easily.
And I love wasting time playing all of the games.

So now I am addicted.
The biggest tragedy in my life?
When I couldn't access Facebook due to maintenance.
I mean... how dare they! I wanted to beat my cousin at Word Twist and they dare schedule maintenance!!! Just who do they think they are???

So there you are... I have confessed my little secret.
Now I have to fly I am heading to Facebook to play another game :-)

Lisa xx