Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A holiday of sorts...

As some of you may know - Kev loves strategy boardgames! His obsession with games probably explains why he can put up with my obsession with scrapping. Anyway each year over the January long weekend there is a convention in Canberra - CANCON - and this year we decided to travel over as a family. The idea was that we would take two days to get there, but as often happens with plans...they changed and so we drove over in one day. The boys coped really well with the journey over and loved all of the bush biscuits and treats handed out from the front seat. We stopped at various parks and they played and charmed people with their willingness to give out loads of cuddles to anyone in close proximity. The time in Canberra was special because we caught up with our dear friends from Sydney - Mick, Jenn, Zac, Charlie & Mikaylah. Mitch & Harry loved spending time with the big boys and it was wonderful to spend time with Jenn each day. The day before we headed home Mitch seemed a bit miserable, but I wasn't overly concerned. On the journey home it rapidly became apparent that they were both unwell with chesty coughs and conjunctivitis. We had the option of staying overnight somewhere or push through to home - and we decided on the latter. The last few hours from Renmark to home were dreadful as both boys were feeling miserable, had temps and sore eyes. I dosed them up with Panadol and we headed to the emergency department. Turns out they both have a viral illness, conjunctivitis and ear infections. As a result they are both miserable and irritable - and who better to irritate than each other! So there have been quite a few fights in the Reid household. I think poor Kev is quite looking forward to going back to work next week! As for me...I am counting down the days until they are their usual happy, energetic selves...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time passes quickly...

Gee it seems like ages since I last left a message on my blog! The days are just flying by and the boys keep me very busy. They are such bundles of energy and love life. Sometimes at the end of the day Kev and I collapse in a heap infront of the TV. I am still trying to keep up with my scrapbooking - and I completed this page tonight. The boys love this little car, but sharing is not an option! Apart from that life is good. The boys are happy and healthy and we are planning a lovely holiday to see Kev's parents. Hoping everyone is having a good start to their New Year,
Hugs & kisses, Lisa.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Latest scrapbooking layout

Just had to share my latest layout... aren't the boys cute? One day I am sure I will get around to scrapping something or someone else, but for now they are my favourite subjects.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The end of the holidays...

Well it is the last weekend before Kev goes back to work and life returns to normal! It has been lovely having time with him and the boys love having Daddy home. We have managed to get a few things done around the house even though he got called back into work a few times. I have been able to indulge my obsession with scrapbooking and even had a full day to myself to scrap with a friend. I did this layout's of Harry and he just looks so cute in his little blue suit To me he is a masterpiece, although some may say I am a little biased. Both Mitch & Harry are learning new words, Harry's favourite phrase is "No Mummy" and Mitch loves "row, row, row" (your boat). Both boys love cuddles and Mitchell loves giving kisses which is fine as long as you don't mind the occasional lick on the face! Hope everyone had a safe and happy festive season,