Friday, March 30, 2007

The boys' latest physio assessment and more...

Well today the boys had their physio assessment at a local park - the physio wanted to see how the boys climb and play, but when we arrived at the park it was closed for maintenance! So we went to the oval next door and the boys ran around and generally showed off.

As I may have mentioned in the past, both of the boys have a wide legged gait and tend to stagger when they are tired. The physio noticed that their walking has improved and has suggested some exercises to help with their coordination problems.

Lack of coordination can be causes by prematurity but at the same time I am completely uncoordinated...SO the boys really can't win.

The physio also showed the boys how to kick a ball - something I haven't been able to get them to do. And they both took to it like pros - although Mitch needs a had to hold whilst he is doing it.

Apart from that she commented on their low tone particularly in the legs and hips - which also helps explain their funny walk. I once mentioned that they look a bit like Thunderbirds and there was a deafening silence - until someone asked what "Thunderbirds" were. Made me feel really ancient that my references to old TV programs were not known (grin).

So all in all it was a useful assessment - we have lots to work on and an idea of where we will go in the future...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life goes on...

Well I have something to confess...I have been way too slack with this blog. Seems like life is just so busy. By the time my little munchkins are in bed it is all I can do to stumble out to the computer and send a few emails. But enough of these excuses!!! I am pledging to update my blog once a week - shouldn't be hard should it? Hard to say, but it is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Both of the boys are growing and developing every day. Their speech is improving so much and Harry really tries to get you to understand what he wants to say. Today Grandad was visiting and he decided that he wanted to watch Bob the Builder, only a few minutes later he obviously changed his mind and grabbed Grandad's hand saying "dide" which to everyone else sounds like "Dad" but I know means "outside". He was quite insistent and a few tears were shed as we explained it was too hot for "dide". Funny little boy, he is overcome with tears quite often but is then laughing and smiling within minutes. Mitch was more reflective today and tonight we realised why - poor little guy has a high temp and is feeling a bit blue. So it was a dose of Panadol and off to bed. He woke a while later crying piteously for a "cuddy" (cuddle) and so he and I watched some TV and had a lovely "cuddy".

More exciting news is that I am applying for a job! Just one day a week (hopefully) but it is working in a doctor's surgery. I have been toying with the idea of very part-time work, but haven't been keen to go back to the wards (as an RN) - so this would be wonderful. I have sent my resume in and have my fingers crossed. Up until now I couldn't bear the idea of the boys being in childcare, and frankly it wasn't worth the risk of infection, but one day a week would be lovely for me (and hopefully them).

Best of all we are heading to Queensland on Monday to see Kev's parents - 11 glorious days away! I can't wait, but am praying our flights go smoothly. I can just picture the faces of the passengers as we enter the terminal - muttering to themselves "oh god I hope they aren't sitting near us!" By the way the photo is of the boys' last visit to Bargara, Queensland in Dec 2005.

Well must head off to bed - sending lots of love to everyone,