Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 weeks and counting...

I am now 23 weeks (the boys were born at 24.6 weeks) and today I had my first appointment with the high risk OBGYN and the midwife clinic at the major tertiary hospital close to us. The doctor was very matter of fact and told me that the baby will be delivered by c-section. She won't risk inducing me and she doesn't want to attempt a trial of labour. I must confess I wasn't particularly surprised. She pointed out that with my hypertension and gestational diabetes I am already considered a high risk pregnancy and add to that the extreme premature delivery of the boys she will be seeing me every two weeks from now on. In addition she told me that because I was diagnosed with diabetes so early on in the pregnancy she considers me to have type 2 diabetes, rather than gestational diabetets - this means that after the delivery of the baby the condition will remain - that was a bit of a shock, but I can't do anything about it except stick to a relatively strict diet (at this stage). Baby Reid appears to be growing well and there was a strong heart beat. So now it is just biding time and hoping this little one will stay put for as long as possible.

Lisa xx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now I am 22 weeks...

Everything has settled down since my last post. My BP is well managed with the three tablets a day and my BSLs are stable to, so no insulin at this stage. The best part of this stage is enjoying those strong kicks every night when I settle down to watch TV :-)

Mitch & Harry are fascinated by what is happening and today I tried to explain how the baby was fed. Mitch needed to check out my belly button and then looked at his own and wanted to know where the "hose" (umbilical cord) had gone. Mitch felt the baby kick for the first time tonight and was so excited. He put his mouth down on my tummy and said "My name is Mitchell and I am your brother. I will look after you". It was just so beautiful. Harrison is pleased he will be sitting next to the baby in the car (we had new booster seats put in) and he tells me he will "play with the baby and give him milk".

We are slowly getting plans in place for the room swap - the boys will be sharing a room with lowline bunks courtesy of their Great Uncle John. And the baby will have Mitch's old room. So in the next few weeks I need to find homes for two single beds and a lounge - no rest for the wicked...

Not much else to report - just happy that everything is stable :-)

Lisa xx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Appointments, appointments, appointments...

Lots of appointments this week - saw diabetic educator, obstetrician, had 2 ultrasounds and then today I saw a physician who specialises in pregnancy. He will be monitoring my blood sugar levels and blood pressure throughout the pregnancy. He confirmed that our baby will need to be born in a hospital with a NICU - and will probably require some time there. He has also referred me to a high risk obstetrician to take over the care of my pregnancy. It is all still a bit overwhelming and I feel sad that in all probability we will be in NICU again, but I keep reminding myself that whatever ensures the health of our precious baby is important. I am now doing finger pricks 4-5 times a day for sugar levels - which is not fun, but not too bad really. I just wish I could get some energy, but am told this is the combination of my age, the diabetes, hypertension, the medications and being the mum of two very active 4 year olds. Keeping my fingers crossed that the pregnancy continues on for another 18 weeks.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages,
Lisa xx

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our 20 week scan...

This is our beautiful baby boy (confirmed today). He is growing well and the ultrasound went without a hitch.

I heard from the diabetic educator today and see her on Wednesday to collect my BSL machine and start taking regular blood sugar levels.

My BP is still high, but not dangerously so - so the doctors are monitoring it.

Now just have to get an appointment to see the Pregnancy physician and organise to see a high risk obstetrician.

Thank you to everyone for their messages of support,
Love Lisa xx