Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers who read this blog.
I had a very special day. I was woken up after a lovely sleep-in by two happy little boys who jumped on the bed and demanded a cuddle and shouted "Happy Mother's Day Mummy!" Then they gave me my Mother's Day presents - firstly the latest Ben Lee CD and then my beautiful eternity ring with three stones symbolising the three men in my life.

I have been dropping none too subtle hints about an eternity ring for the past few years and each time Kev would smile and change the subject. Then Pat visited from Sydney and asked what Kev was buying me for Mother's Day. She said a look of panic went over his face and he realised it would involve his least favourite activity.... SHOPPING! Then she suggested she would find out some things I might like, but had he though of a ring.

So last Thursday we went late night shopping just to check out some jewellers and I saw this ring and just fell in love. It isn't too big for my hands and the ring on display fitted perfectly. So Kev went back and picked it up yesterday.

Isn't it beautiful? I just adore it.

Happy Mother's Day,
Love Lisa