Monday, May 9, 2011


I love being a mum. There is nothing like those delicious little kisses and cuddles each day. I actually enjoy making school lunches and helping out with reading. I love play dates and visits to the park. My beautiful boys are the reason I get up each morning and my last thought each night. We had such a lovely Mother's Day last weekend. The older boys had made some careful purchases at the school Mother's Day stall and they were so excited to give them to me on Sunday morning. Jack was of course oblivious to the proceedings but he like sharing the chocolate and the fun. Then it was time to head to the local playground with Grandad for a BBQ and a relaxing afternoon. It was just a lovely day, very relaxing and the perfect way to celebrate being a mum.

It was a long and torturous road to get here. More than 10 years of fertility treatments. Wondering if I would ever hear the precious words "love you Mum". Then the very early arrival of Mitch and Harry. Months of gut wrenching fear - would they survive, would they be badly affected by their prematurity... what would the future hold for us all. Then when life seemed settled and we were happy with life with our beautiful young men, an unexpected surprise - our Jack! A surprise pregnancy just after I turned 40 years old. I have honestly never liked surprises, but this was wonderful. A precious baby boy who made our family complete.

So as you can imagine Mother's Day has a very special meaning for me. And it makes me very grateful for how far Kevin and I have come. We are the proud parents of three gorgeous, loving little boys. And we have achieved what we once thought was out of our grasp...

Happy Mother's Day (belated I know) to all the mums out there - may your days be filled with cuddles and kisses and precious handmade gifts,
Live Lisa xx