Monday, December 1, 2008

Tagged again!!! Thanks Aprilyn (grin)

This is the Crazy Eights tag courtesy of my friend Aprilyn...

8 things I'm obsessed with right now
1. Gardening - it is my stress reliever
2. Scrapbooking - enough said
3. Going to the park with the boys - while they still think playing with Mummy is fun
4. Spending time with good friends - not enough time in the day
5. My new outdoor setting - finally I have one!!!
6. My new camera - I think Kev may need to get another job with all of these expenses
7. Having an organised home - well as organised as it can be with two four year olds
8. Spending time with my family

8 words or phrases I use daily
1. In a moment
2. Harrison stop hitting your brother
3. Mitchell stop teasing your brother
4. Toilet time
5. Okay boys time to go
6. Go to bed
7. I said go to bed
8. If you don't go to bed...

8 TV Shows I love to watch
1. Desperate housewives (great trashy viewing)
2. Find my family (a real tear jerker)
3. Louis Theroux presentS (great docos)
4. Bullshit! By Penn & Teller (thought provoking tv)
5. Aircrash investigation (what can I say? I AM a ghoul)

8 things I did yesterday
1. washing/ ironing
2. gardening
3. cleaned the back of the car... where I spilt a bottle of soy sauce!!!
4. organised the boys
5. organised Kev (or micro-managed him as he prefers to say)
6. entertained guests
7. cleaned up after everyone left
8. collapsed in an exhausted heap

8 of my favorite places to eat
1. Cafe Nova - local place with great food
2. My Dad's place - where the wine is ALWAYS plentiful!
3. at the park... so the boys can play
4. at home with family and friends
5. anywhere Thai!
6. anywhere Indian!
7. anywhere Italian
8. anywhere that I don't have to cook - all Mums would agree with this!

8 things I'm looking forward to
1. spending Xmas with my boys and Kev
2. watching the boys learn about the world and make friends
3. spending more time with Kev - there never seems to be enough time
4. seeing my Dad's new home at the beach - watch out Grandad you are going to
have lots of visits!
5. seeing Kev's mum and dad when we can
6. growing old with Kev
7. being a mum - it is more than I could have hoped for...
8. spending time with friends and family

8 things on my wish list
1. lose weight
2. get more exercise and stay motivated
3. learn to be more tolerant... maybe by the time I am 80???
4. learn photography and take some classes
5. a holiday with the girls - as many as possible!
6. help both boys with their therapy
7. get my photo albums up to date
8. get my garden looking nice