Saturday, September 18, 2010

Okay - so I am very slack!

Okay - so I am very slack - it has been almost 2 months since I last posted a message. Not that imagine people have been waiting breathlessly for an update. BUT on the off chance that anyone does read this or actually care about what I have written I should probably try and explain (grin).

The past 2 months have been hectic. We have had the stupendous occasion of Mitch & Harry's 6th birthday celebrations which culminated with a bowling party at the local bowling alley. Mitch won which he endlessly announced in the car on the ride home and which caused Harry to burst into a flood of tears.

And then we made the difficult decision to look for a new home. We love our house, but it is simply bursting at the seams with the five of us, so we decided a change was needed. That is easier said than done. Anyone who has shopped for a new home would realise just how misleading the ads and pictures of the properties often can be. Seriously, real estate agents must go to a special class to learn how to sail so close to the edge when it comes to honesty. A three bedroom home with a closet - becomes "a spacious 4 bedroom home" - if one of your children is happy to sleep standing up. A tiny block becomes "great for children" - if they remained the size of four year old forever. And a home with a dated kitchen becomes a "delightful centre of the home" - if you are happy to endure the lime laminex and orange wall paper. So sufficed to say we are STILL looking. Will keep you posted.

Apart from that we are preparing for Jack's first birthday. He is such a happy baby and adores his brothers. His latest trick is clapping hands and chattering away. Mummy has been very mean and made the dummy (pacifier) just for sleep time, so he has discovered his voice. Even though you can't understand what he is saying, he has such a conversational tone that it makes me think he really knows what he is talking about. He also loves swimming and when you count to three he closes his eyes in preparation for going under the water which he does with ease.

Well better fly as we are heading out for some more house inspections.

Will try and get back to post some pictures very soon,

Love to all,

Lisa xx