Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An update (of sorts)...

Me and my big brother - can you tell I love him to the moon and back?

I can't wait until I can join my big brothers... then watch out!

Wow! It had been ages since I updated the blog! Life just seems to be so busy at the moment, but at the same time I know that I am just not finding the same amount of energy to pursue the things I once did. Must be something to do with having two active 5 year old boys and a very feisty little 5 month old (not sure where he gets his attitude from!?).

Mitch and Harry at Semaphore Beach

Life in the Reid household has been filled with activity. Mitch and Harry are loving school and are enjoying learning to read. When they get home from school it is into a bath, time for readers, tea time, reading eggs (a school endorsed computer program for reading) and then time for bed. Some days it feels like my feet don't hit the ground until I collapse into bed. What keeps me going is the enthusiasm both boys show when it comes to school Sure they get tired and grumpy, but they are making new friends, learning new skills and enjoying being part of something bigger than just our family. It is bittersweet to see them heading off each day - hard to see them growing up so fast and at the same time amazing to see what beautiful young boys they have become. Tonight was the Parent-Teacher conferences and I was pleasantly surprised with how well both boys are doing. Sure they have their challenges, but they are learning and keen to learn... which surely is a wonderful way to be. Mitch's teacher commented that he is doing very well with reading and although he struggles with the fine motor requirements of writing, he is a bright, confident boy who loves to tell stories (the good kind) and is learning how to participate in class. She did acknowledge that he is easily lead and because of his small size sometimes gets dragged into things he doesn't want to participate in, but that he is learning how to assert himself. Harry's teacher commented on how much he likes to help and loves his role as a computer monitor. He is enjoying reading and is doing very well with his sight words, maths and computer studies (of course). I am so grateful that the school and the boys' teachers are doing so much to make their first experience of school such a positive one.

Yum I just love food!

On Master Jackson - he is growing like a weed. Hard to believe that he has only been with us less than 6 months, since he rules the roost. He loves company and if the boys leave the front room, then he calls out for them. The boys are so good with him, although now and then they will tell me to give Jack a feed so he will pipe down during their fave TV shows. His reflux is becoming less of a problem and he has started solids which he loves. After so many struggles with getting the older two to feed, it is hard to believe this little man who positively inhales food off the spoon! He has two teeth which he has used with great effect on Mummy, in fact last time he bit me I yelled so loud it made him cry... so hopefully he has learnt his lesson.

As for Kev and I - somehow we manage to scrape a little time of our own... although not often together! Kev has his regular games night with Steve and as our friends Mick and Jenn have moved to SA, we hope he may manage a few more games nights. I go scrapbooking once a fortnight - and sometimes I actually get something done (other than chat!). I am also in the process of trying to lose some weight and so head off to the gym 3 times a week. It is little wonder that we both seem to fall asleep as soon as we sit down :-)

Life is sweet

BUT life is good. Our boys are happy and well. We are blessed with good family and friends. And we have each other. A girl couldn't ask for more (except perhaps that Sara Lee made French Vanilla ice cream in a low fat form which tasted as good as their sinful version).

Lisa x