Tuesday, March 31, 2009

11 weeks and one day and counting...

Well we have reached the 11 week mark - where according to many of the text books the morning sickness and fatigue should disappear. Now if someone could just tell my body that! Everyone has been telling me that I look well, but I feel fat, frumpy and tired - such an attractive combination.I am still trying to get to the gym 3 days a week - but this week I haven't slept well and so decided to have a day off.

On a brighter note the boys started child care yesterday. They are walked over from kindy by one of the teachers and stay at child care until I collect them at 3.30pm. This is happening twice a week. The boys loved their first day and Mitch cried when we came to take them home. So far so good...

We are now on the countdown for the nuchal scan which is next Wednesday. This pregnancy still seems quite unreal to Kev and myself and so we are looking forward to seeing our baby on the monitor. The day afterwards we see our OBGYN to discuss whether to have an Amnio to rule out chromosomal abnormalities or neural tube defects. I must admit to being quite nervous. While I never pictured myself being pregnant again, now that I am I want this pregnancy to be a long and healthy one.

Not much else to report.
Hope everyone is looking forward to Easter - I know I am :-)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 weeks today!

Today we reached the 10 week mark. I must admit that the fatigue and nausea leave me in no doubt that I am pregnant - but in a funny way that is reassuring too. The boys keep asking Mummy why she "bomits" and Harry has decided it is because the baby is bouncing on my tummy. Speaking of Harry he was asking what the baby's name will be and I told him we didn't know yet. He gave me one of those looks kids get and rolled his eyes and said "No Mummy - when she is born I will just say "Hi my name is Harry" and she will tell me her name".

So now the countdown is on for the Nuchal scan where they look for indicators for Down's Syndrome and Neural Tube defects and possibly the sex of the baby. 2 more weeks for that scan and then hopefully some more news.

Thanks to everyone for their messages of support. And I apologise in advance for what will (hopefully) be a very long pregnancy :-)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what!!???

As many of our friends and family would know by now we recently had some unexpected news. News that is all honesty we never expected or thought possible. It turns out that the Reid family will have a new addition in October! Now that you have picked yourself up off the floor I will give you a little background. Kev and I knew that we would face a hard time trying to conceive, so very early on in our relationship we sought medical intervention. It was only (approx) 10 years later that we finally had our beautiful boys Mitch & Harry... and that was only after years of IVF and many set backs. So after the boys difficult birth and the problems they experienced especially in the early months we made the decision late last year to thaw (and thus destroy) the two embryos we had in storage. In all honesty we couldn't see how we would cope with another difficult pregnancy.

Well life sometimes has a way of catching you off guard and caught off guard we were! I had been feeling very tired and nauseated for over 3 weeks and had decided it couldn't go on. Initially I thought it was simply the fatigue that comes with parenting two little livewires. And for some unknown reason I decided to do a home pregnancy test, just so I could say to the doctors that "no I am NOT pregnant". I have done so many of these tests and was waiting for the usual one line (negative) when all of a sudden there were two lines. I just stood in the kitchen saying some non-maternal words over and over. So sure was I that this must be a mistake I dropped the boys off with a neighbour and went to see our GP. And he said "well you ARE pregnant". A friend's sister who saw me said I didn't look very happy, but honestly I was in shock. BUT not as much shock as poor Kev who welcomed me home completely oblivious to the test and was greeted by the news "we are pregnant". I joke that it took 3 days for the colour to return to his face (and probably mine too).

So here we are less than 2 weeks down the track and 9 weeks pregnant. We had a scan the next day and there was our little miracle wriggling about on the screen. The reality has only set in because of this blasted morning sickness that never goes away. BUT we are both excited and amazed and terrified too...

So there's our news :-)

Lisa xx