Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moments of beauty

I just wanted to share my latest layout of Harrison. These beautiful images were taken by my friend Bec when visited Sydney in October. Aren't they breathtaking? If only Harry was this serene all of the time (grin).

We are looking forward to a holiday at the beach this Easter. The packing and unpacking is a drag, but the boys love the opportunity to go to the beach and where we live isn't exactly coastal! It will be lovely to catch up with some of our family who will be there too.

Hoping that Easter Bunny is generous to you and yours,
Love Lisa

Friday, March 7, 2008

I feel sick...

Why is it that being sick is so much harder with children? I can remember a time when if I felt sick I could stay in bed all day. And now? Well Harry wants breakfast at 7am and nothing or no-one is going to stop him on his quest for 2 weetbix with hot milk and a slice of toast with "begemite". Mitch on the other hand would happily snuggle for an hour or two. He is NOT a morning person and neither am I... so we understand each other (grin).

The past week and a half I have felt really tired and lousy. So after a couple of visits to the GP and a chest x-ray I discovered I have Pneumonia. Now many eons ago when I was a nurse I looked after many people with Pneumonia (usually the elderly - does that mean I am getting old?). Anyway they would often mention how tired they felt and while I understood why I didn't truly understand. Let me tell you I feel tired... bloody tired... fall asleep at the table kind of tired. Infact every day this week I have ended up in bed sleeping while the boys have their nap. And even then I feel tired. Anyway on antibiotics and trying not to do too much... so I am hoping it will get better soon. Although if anyone can tell me how to rest with two three year olds I would be glad to hear (grin).

Apart from that I wanted to share my latest entry in our Scrapbooking 4 Less Scraptacular. It is a beautiful photo taken of Mitch & I at my Dad's place.

Hoping everyone has a restful weekend,