Friday, February 5, 2010

I have had enough of school!

"Mum, I have had enough of school". How many parents have heard those words uttered? Well it only took Mitch a week and he told me that he needed to stay home with me and help look after Jackson. I think the brotherly love may have been a vain attempt to curry favour... but unfortunately for Mitch it didn't work. SO off he went with tears in his eyes complaining all the way until he entered the classroom and found a friend to play with for a while. Then there were more tears last night when he realised he had the same reader as a few days ago! "But Mum I already know EVERYTHING about Xmas!" he told me as large tears rolled off the end of his nose. This school business sure is emotional. Then it was Harry's turn for tears when he forgot his word list and became distraught that he couldn't find it in the classroom. It turned out that "Mr Tidy" had put it back in the teacher's folder at lunchtime! And he did this twice in a row before we worked out what he had done. Thankfully it is now Friday and the boys will have some time to prepare for the coming week. Plenty of relaxing in jarmies is required.

As for Master Jackson he is quite enjoying some Mummy time to himself, but does not appreciate the school drop off and pick up. Cars are definitely not his favourite mode of transport and he has been known to cry for hours as we drive to visit Grandad. Last time on our way home Mitch started hitting Harry because Harry wasn't putting the dummy in Jack's mouth and Jack's crying was interfering with Mitch's DVD viewing. So I yelled at him and started crying. Then poor Kev had to drive the rest of the way home with Mitch, Harry, Jack and myself all crying! So car travel with Jack is a challenge to say the least (groan). Also our little butterball is gaining weight beautifully and now weighs in at a respectable 6.75kg. It is hard to believe, but at 4 months of age Jack weighs almost the same as Mitch weighed at 12 months old!!! And Jack is now rolling which is greeted with much applause by his admiring public (well in our family anyway). So our beautiful baby boy is developing well :-)

Not much else to report - life is hectic but good. I can't believe just how blessed we are and even when I am tearing out my hair at Mitch and Harry's latest antics, still in the back of my mind I marvel at just how lucky we are to have them with us.

Much love to all,
Lisa xx