Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Has Tom Cruise finally flipped his lid?

Has Tom Cruise finally completely lost it? I couldn't resist checking out his latest effort on YouTube - and what a frightening display it was! Laughing inappropriately Mr Cruise rants on and on about his special gifts as a Scientologist...without revealing what those gifts are or why he feels so special. Makes you a bit scared to watch it! Well it did scare me anyway. And I am hard to scare...after all I have twins! Check out the interview which allegedly was leaked from a Scientology Forum...

Its a strange, strange world...

Monday, January 7, 2008

For all parents who feel that their job is never done...

For all parents who feel that their job is never done...and no-one listens to what they say...
Here is a fabulous song someone sent me a link for...

Cabin Fever...

Is it just me or does anyone else notice how their children seem to fight more when it is a really hot day? Recently we have had days over 38 degrees Celcius and so we have been house bound at times. It just seems this kind of weather brings out the worst in my boys. They are happily playing and I turn around to find one of them trying to embed a toy in the other one's skull! I don't know who ends up doing the most yelling - them or me. I start each day with a list of lovely activities for us to try and by mid-morning I am thinking of putting them both up for adoption! Harry in particular has this piercing voice which only gets louder as the day progresses - he seems to have NO internal dialogue and tells me EVERYTHING he is thinking or doing.

It goes something like this...

Yes Harry
I play with toys!
I play with Thomas the tank!
Yes Harry
Mitchell is playing too!

So you get the idea - I mean I love his ability to communicate it would just be nice if he didn't do it ALL OF HIS WAKING HOURS!!!

Mitch on the other hand is usually quite happy cuddling his teddies and playing "pignigs" where he sets up lego and play food for all of his toys. It's just that Harry can't help but organise him (I don't know who he takes after). And as you can imagine this leads to tears. Mitch fights to the death to keep his toys and Harry simply lays on top of him until he can't breathe.

So Mitch has discovered the ultimate weapon - biting! Yeah terrific - my three year old is biting his twin brother. Although I can sympathise because if someone kept telling me what to do and kept taking my toys I would want to bite them too (note to self...make sure Kev is happy - he has sharp teeth!).

So I am looking forward to a special day tomorrow - CHILD CARE!!!!!! Yahoo! I drop the boys off and have long periods of silence. Which really is ironic, because the people that know me well know how I LOVE to talk. So the ultimate irony I have a mini-me who is driving me insane! You know how when you were naughty your Mum would say "one day you will have children and then you will know what it's like!". I do now!

I love my boys to distraction - but I am worn out. So off tomorrow to catch up with a girlfriend and share a glass or two of wine.

Aaaahhhh..... bliss....

Wishing everyone a blissful week,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Farmer Christmas and Happy Birthday!

What a fun time... being three years old and experiencing Xmas in all its noise, fun and messiness! Mitch & Harry have really celebrated Xmas this year.

They are a little confused about the details. They know that it is "Baby Jesus' birthday Mum", but they think the jolly fellow in the red suit is "Farmer Xmas" (which has cause much amusement to friends and strangers alike). They have loved receiving gifts (who doesn't), but even more they have relished handing out presents and a big hug or kiss. They now want chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea (me too), but are starting to realise that all good things must come to an end.

An added bonus has been having Kev home over Xmas. They adore their Daddy and love going out to the shed to do secret men's business - who knows what they do in there! And most of the time they have wanted to help with sorting out toys and handing on some much loved treasures to the "younger generation" - although Harry did sob when his last sleeping bag for bed went to his little cousin Liam.

We have also been lucky enough to spend time with our dear friend Avi and his family (photo courtesy of Charles- Avi's father). We got to show them some tourist sites and enjoyed far too much good food - highly recommend the Jerusalem in Hindley Street - absolutely yummy food. The boys love Uncle Avi and were much taken with his thoughtful gifts - Thomas the Tank Engine series one through to five is on permanently in our house these days.

Apart from that the past week has been almost unbearably hot. And the boys have missed being able to spend large amounts of time playing outside - and so has Mummy!

Hoping that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Xmas and is set for a joyous New Year.

With much love,


PS - look at the photo closely and you'll see why that location was chosen (grin)