Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Argggghhhhhh - stop the world I want to get off!

Why is it that some days which start so beautifully unravel so horribly? Today I had a lovely day out with a good friend (thanks Jenn)and picked up a few bits and pieces and then headed off to pick up Mitch and Harry. And then at bedtime it all went awry. Mummy was clearly being mean when she suggested that 7.30pm was bedtime. Mitch started screaming that he hated me and Harry threw himself on the floor and howled. Thankfully this burst of angst caused them to fall asleep in record time. And as I collapsed onto the lounge and watched The Rafters being a happy family I wondered (not for the first time) why our lives couldn't be so simple?

I suppose this is REAL life. Not the made for television sanitised version. Sometimes we fight, yell and scream. Sometimes we hurt each other. And sometimes we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. BUT how amazing is family? Regardless of where we go and what we do they are there for us (if we are truly fortunate). So tomorrow morning I will get up and do it all again - and hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more like the Rafters :-)

Lisa xx