Friday, October 23, 2009

My beautiful boys

Mitch and Harry adore their little brother as these pictures clearly show. The only danger is that Jackson could be loved to death (grin). They are so protective of him and are so proud too. It really is a very special time for our family.

Lisa xx

Computer genius

In amongst the constant nappy changes, breast feeding and no sleep I manage to spend some time scrapping - thanks Kev :-)

Here is my latest layout of Harrison with the computer - he really enjoys spending time playing his alphabet and number games...

Lisa xx

Monday, October 12, 2009


Just had to share some of our recent photos...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At home with three boys...

Life is good!

Mitch and Harry have a mild cold, but are otherwise well and are so kind and gentle with their little brother. Mitch keeps asking to kiss Jackson's hands - and give him "very gentle cuddles Mum". He is needing a bit more Mummy time so I have started asking him to bring a book into the bedroom and snuggle up next to me whilst I feed Jackson. That way I can read his book and talk with him, whilst he who must be obeyed has a feed. Mitch has been having angry outbursts about minor issues - I think partly because he is tired (coughing a lot at night), but also because everything has changed in his little world. I certainly won't tolerate bad behaviour, but I understand it. So we are going back to basics with the visual schedule, early bed times and lots of reinforcement of good behaviour. He is still my sweet Mickle Pickle - and I have to stop myself from laughing as he stomps off to his room and slams the door! So reminiscent of my own childhood behaviour, when I would go and throw myself on the bed after arguing with Mum and Dad. The only thing was that being not the most coordinated of people I would often roll off the bed and hit the floor (grin).

Harry has coped with this huge change a lot better than I thought he would - he is actually coping better than Mitch. He is extremely protective of Jackson and runs to tell me each time he hears Jackson cry. He is also extremely understanding of the time I need to spend with Jackson. This surprised me because he has always been extremely dependent on me - but it seems my Harry Koala is growing up! He is happiest when he is helping and loves to help me with Jackson. And sweetest of all he gave Jackson his favourite little toy puppy - but Jackson "asked" him to take care of it for him until he was a bit bigger. He still has his upsets - but no where near the meltdowns we experienced 6 months ago. With a few calm words he seems to be able to settle himself down and tell me what is wrong. This morning for example he ran sobbing into our room - it turned out that Daddy had told him he couldn't wear a certain t-shirt because I had laid it out for Mitch (the night before). There was much male angst in the Reid household for a few minutes until I realised that Harrison remembered I had told him that he was going to wear two t-shirts (one long sleeved and one short sleeved) and he thought he was supposed to wear Mitch's one! A moment later he was happily getting dressed and headed off to child care.

I am so proud of my older boys and their loving attitude to the little interloper in their midst :-) I am sure the three boys will be best of friends as they grow up.

Best news of all is that last night Jackson slept for long periods and I managed to get some sleep - the world sure is a brighter place when you feel rested :-)

Love to all,
Lisa xx

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home with our sweet baby boy...

Today I finally came home with our sweet baby boy - it was so wonderful to just walk out of the hospital with him in our arms. He has settled straight into his routine of feeding, cuddling and sleeping - fingers crossed he manages to sleep well overnight! Last night he insisted on feeding every hour for 5 hours - so today I am really tired.

Just happy to be at home with my boys. Mitch kept running up and giving me cuddles. He told me at least 10 times this afternoon that he missed me and Harry just seemed to want to hold onto me for a lot of the evening. It is a huge adjustment for both boys, but I am hoping that with the extra time Kev has on leave we will be able to establish a routine which works for us all...

Well time for another feed - love to all,
Lisa xx