Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mitch & Harry

Our beautiful boys turned four on August 16th.

This was the first year that they really understood what was happening and we had to do a countdown of how many sleeps there were until the big day. This year was extra special because they got to spend it with Nana & Grandpa from Queensland. They had a lovely party at Hungry Jacks and even though the weather was dreadful the boys and their little friends had a wonderful time.

Next week is their cousin Liam's birthday and they are now counting down to that party! Then the three boys will share a combined family party at Gran & Grandad's place.

Here are some photos from their big day...

Harry and his dinosaur from Nana & Grandpa

Mitch and his special construction blocks from Nana & Grandpa

The boys enjoy the icing for their birthday cupcakes

Mitch has cuddles with Grandpa

Yummy birthday cup cakes

Harry enjoyed his 5 cup cakes!

Cuddles with Nana

Thank you to everyone who wished the boys a happy birthday :-)


Aprilyn said...

Happy Birthday Mitch and Harry! They are looking so grown up. They have definitely lost that baby/toddler look. What fine looking little boys you have there. I hope they have many more happy birthdays!

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you Aprilyn :-)

RhondaLue said...


Happy birthday to your boys! (I know I'm late on this one...sorry!)

They are just beautiful, beautiful people.

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you Rhonda :-)