Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help I am addicted to Facebook

Well it has to happen...
Well I suppose strictly speaking it DIDN'T have to happen...
But it was inevitable!

I discovered Facebook and I am addicted!
I love the quick updates about friends.
I love keeping in contact with my friends and family easily.
And I love wasting time playing all of the games.

So now I am addicted.
The biggest tragedy in my life?
When I couldn't access Facebook due to maintenance.
I mean... how dare they! I wanted to beat my cousin at Word Twist and they dare schedule maintenance!!! Just who do they think they are???

So there you are... I have confessed my little secret.
Now I have to fly I am heading to Facebook to play another game :-)

Lisa xx


Blog Buddy said...

I'm a stay at home mom also AND I'm addicted to facebook! We have so much in common...youtubing is my other obsession :)

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Sounds like we do :-)

ThePreemie Experiment said...

Hi Lisa... I haven't seen you much in the blog world or the on line preemie list world. I'm glad to see that everything is ok and you are simply addicted to Facebook! Me too!! I am addicted to every word game on there too!

Happy New Year!


Mason and Terri's Mom said...

oh my gosh ....ME TOO!!!

by the way nice to "meet you" lol I'm blog hopping today

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Things are fine Stacy - I just find that life has a way of keeping me busy and any spare time I have I am either on the computer or sleeping (grin)

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thanks for dropping by :-)