Wednesday, May 13, 2009

17 weeks and 1 day...

Well another week has passed and another week closer to seeing our precious baby. It seems all the more real now that I can feel the baby kicking so often. So the bets are on for either an AFL player (who will be disowned if he plays for Port) or a tap dancer (who wouldn't want a son like Hugh Jackman... one second thoughts my dreams about Hugh are hardly maternal, so maybe not). The good news is that my blood pressure is down a little and while the doctor says it needs watching, it isn't an immediate concern. So it is just a matter of enjoying this pregnancy :-)

The boys are both doing well, although poor Mitch had a very rough weekend with high temps and some kind of viral illness. There isn't much of him to begin with, so when he doesn't eat for almost 2 days he looks like a little waif. They are both enjoying kindy and they also go to child care 2-3 afternoons a week - which gives me time to rest. I consider myself very fortunate that we can afford to do this and that we have easy access to child care in our area.

I must be feeling better (than I was in the first trimester) because I am back to my organising self and have tidied my craft room and almost catalogued all of our photo CDs. Kev laughs when Harry tries to organise me and I get frustrated - 'karma" is the term he uses!

The other good news is that we seem to have found a solution to Harry's distress in noisy venues. He tends to become quite distraught with any loud noise, particularly in a crowd setting, but I found some kid's hearing protection and when he wears them he has no difficulty at all. This meant he really enjoyed the last concert we went to and spent time dancing around and singing. As he gets older his Sensory Issues may improve, but it is also hoped that he will learn to manage them. So finding this simple technique has been a big step forward for our beautiful boy :-)

Well, not much else to tell... life is good. The boys are happy and all is well in our little corner of the world.

Lisa xx


Aidan's mom said...

So happy to see your "baby ticker" chugging along!

Anonymous said...

So fascinated to read about Harrison's "sensory issues" and followed the links. Happen to know a little person who is the opposite, i.e. insensitive to his own body, which is why he throws himself around.
So pleased that your beautiful boy's hearing protection is making such a difference.
GOODONYA MUM! xxx Auntie Kats

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you for reading my blog :-)