Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello again...

Okay okay - so every few months I tentatively venture back to this blog and make myslef a promise that I will try to update it more often... and then life happens! So here I am again (a bit embarrassed) and I am hoping to be a bit more conscientious.

This is a quick update as I have a load of things to do whilst Master Jackson sleeps. Jack is now 14 months old and is crusing the furniture, babbling away and loving nearly every food group. He is a good sleeper - usually one long nap a day and then off to bed by 7pm and awake at 6.30am. He adores his big brothers and loves to destroy their lego creations.

Mitch is doing well at school. He is reading well and is still charming nearly everyone he meets. He has lots of friends and has enjoyed a few classmates' birthday parties in the past few months. He loves drawing and invariably brings home 10 drawings which all must be put on the fridge.

Harry is also enjoying school. He finds reading a bit harder, but is doing well with Maths and Spelling. He has been slower to make friends, but has some strong friendships with some boys in his class and has been to lots of parties. He is still computer obsessed and longs for the day when a Nintendo DS will be finally a reality.

Kev is still working at Air Movements as well as doing Reserve work. He has packed up most of his games in the hope that we may find a house to move into (6 long moths and still looking). He is due to head OS next year with work.

I have just returned from a lovely girls' weekend away and it is back to the grind (grin).

So that's about it in our little neck of the woods. Hope this finds our friends and family well.
AND hope to be back soon :-)

Lisa xx

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