Friday, June 25, 2010


Just a quick post to follow up on Harry's behaviour at home and school. Since we stopped him using the computer for 30 mins each day his behaviour has markedly improved - so much so that I fell a bit ashamed that we didn't connect the dots before now! Each day I make a point of seeing Harry's teacher at the end of the day and in front of him we discuss his behaviour and tonight he came home with a smiley stamp for doing an "excellent job in class today". He was ecstatic and was so proud of the additional chart he received on his star chart at home. I have also noticed that now he is wanting to spend more time playing with Mitch and initiates games with all of us. In particular his desire to play with Jack is most remarkable. He was always a doting brother, but now he gets out Jack's toys and then plays with Jack for long periods of time. The other day he called out "Mum, Jack is doing something incredible!" and I was made to come in and see how Jack was playing with one of his toys. Of course the downside of the reduction in computer time is that he needs more help in occupying himself, but this is improving too.

Small steps but important ones. Most encouraging of all is that he has happily coped with the chage in the coimputer usage and it is rare he asks to go on the computer. Most amazing of all last weekend during his allotted time he actually turned the computer off so he could come and play a game of Trouble with Mitch and I :-)

Hugs to all,
Lisa xx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some good news...

Just had to post that since we limited his computer usage Harry seems to be doing better in class and has suddenly become very keen to practice his reading. I had to listen to him read his reader 3 times this morning. His teachers have commented that he is trying very hard whicxh is wonderful. And he has gone up a level in his readers and sight words.

Just small steps - but steps forward which is the most important thing of all...

Hugs to all,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reading and all things school...

As most of you know Mitch and Harry started school this year and are in reception (prep). We decided for them to be in different classes and this has been a good decision for them and us. Any time they are together Harry tends to get worried about what Mitch is doing and then he gets in trouble. An example - once a week they are dropped off at the drop off/ pick up zone and they walk a small distance into their classes. The rest of the week I take then to their classrooms and get them settled for the day. This week we were running a bit late and long story short they arrived just before the bell. Apparently Mitch wanted to dawdle (why am I not surprised) and Harry became frantic trying to get him into class. So much so it took him ages to settle when his lessons started, because he was still worried about Mitch. Anyway, this is all part of the big learning curve of school. And despite their age I want them to become confident with dealing with getting to class without Mummy always being there. It often surprises me when I see other children who are for want of a better term "babied" by their parents at school time. These little ones have their bags unpacked for them, everything put away and all the while they just wait for it to be done for them. Sometimes it is exhausting trying to get the boys to do things for themselves, but I hope this will mean they are self sufficient and confident in the future.

They both enjoy school - but are so different in so many ways. Mitch is a social butterfly and chats with all the "big kids" on the way through the school yard. Everyone seems to know him and it is nothing for three or four kids to stop him for a chat. I can understand why, because he is such a happy little chap and clearly enjoys the company of others. He even has older girls take him out to play with them during the breaks. He is also popular in his class and the other week when he was sick I had several of his classmates ask me with a lot of concern when he would be back. He is loving reading and has just hit that delightful stage where he has realised he can read!

Harry is less confident and struggles to understand why some of the boys in his class won't be his friend. He told me the other day that he asks one little boy every day to be his friend - it was heartbreaking to hear and yet I can understand why other kids sometimes find him too much hard work. However he is extremely loyal and has made friends with several children who are prone to getting picked on and he just doesn't seem to notice their differences. He is finding the class work more difficult and we are working through assessments with a psychologist to see if there are any underlying problems. Currently he is being tested for Autism and ADHD - and to be honest it would not surprise me if a diagnosis was made. BUT that won't change my beautiful Harry-Koala who is such a loving boy and who really wants to do the right thing (if only he could work out what that is).

School has been both wonderful and difficult but I am extremely grateful that at this stage both boys seem to enjoy going there and that their teachers are so perceptive and kind. And I remind myself that not so long ago the thought of them ever reaching school felt impossible...

Well back to my boys,
Hope everyone has a lovely day,
Lisa xx

Not drowning... waving...

Just a quick post to let you know that despite appearances I have not fallen off the face of the earth and that hopefully today I will get back to post the latest update :-)

Lisa xx