Friday, June 25, 2010


Just a quick post to follow up on Harry's behaviour at home and school. Since we stopped him using the computer for 30 mins each day his behaviour has markedly improved - so much so that I fell a bit ashamed that we didn't connect the dots before now! Each day I make a point of seeing Harry's teacher at the end of the day and in front of him we discuss his behaviour and tonight he came home with a smiley stamp for doing an "excellent job in class today". He was ecstatic and was so proud of the additional chart he received on his star chart at home. I have also noticed that now he is wanting to spend more time playing with Mitch and initiates games with all of us. In particular his desire to play with Jack is most remarkable. He was always a doting brother, but now he gets out Jack's toys and then plays with Jack for long periods of time. The other day he called out "Mum, Jack is doing something incredible!" and I was made to come in and see how Jack was playing with one of his toys. Of course the downside of the reduction in computer time is that he needs more help in occupying himself, but this is improving too.

Small steps but important ones. Most encouraging of all is that he has happily coped with the chage in the coimputer usage and it is rare he asks to go on the computer. Most amazing of all last weekend during his allotted time he actually turned the computer off so he could come and play a game of Trouble with Mitch and I :-)

Hugs to all,
Lisa xx

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