Saturday, July 10, 2010

School Holidays...

I LOVE school holidays - no early morning rush, lots of jarmie time and time to create special memories with my beautiful boys. I remember my Mum telling me how much she enjoyed holidays too and now I understand why. The first four days of our holidays were a write off as poor Mitch was diagnosed with Slap Cheek and so just to be on the safe side we stayed at home. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jack probably had it first, but at the time I just thought he had red cheeks from the cold. I thought Mitch's heart may break in two when I explained to him that we couldn't go out for 4 days and that meant not seeing his friends. BUT he bravely coped and then ended up really enjoying himself.

We have had lots of free time. I don't know about anyone else but my boys love the opportunity to kick back and watch a DVD or just muck about with their toys. I try to make sure we have lots of downtime, but sometimes in a effort to fit it all in we end up rushing about. So this holidays I actually scheduled days at home (I know that probably sounds strange) so that we could ensure time at home and lots of rest. It has worked really well and I think I will do that on our next school holidays.

Probably the highlight for the older boys was going to see Toy Story 3 with their Dad. Jack and I went to the gym and then did some errands while waiting for them. Then we all went out for lunch. As luck would have it the hotel had free face painting and so a very tired, but happy Spiderman and Pirate came home with us.

This holidays has also marked our fourth year without Mum. In some ways it is hard to believe it has been so long, but in other ways it seems far longer. Mum would have loved the holiday times - I still have very clear memories of trips to the Parklands with Mum to meet up with friends for a play date and I suppose that is one of the reasons I enjoy doing the same kind of things with my boys. My Mum loved being a mum - yes, I know that many mums do, but she really did and would often tell us how being a mum was her favourite thing in the entire world. I only hope I can be half the mum she was and create such loving warm memories for my own dear boys.

Apart from that we have been trying to get a bit of maintenance done around the house and are in the throes of looking at getting an extension built. Since it was never in our plans (or dreams) that we would have 3 children we now find ourselves a bit squeezed for space. So we are weighing up between building up and increasing our living space or moving altogether. Our main concern is that we don't want to be weighed down with a large mortgage which requires me returning to work. Anyway, watch this space...

Lisa xx


pauline said...

Dear Lisa, Great to read your latest update, the kids look amazingly well and happy. Your mum would have been so proud of them as would their grandmother, my Auntie Rose. Don't envy you having to make the decision re housing. We actually built on as none of our four kids wanted to move again when we needed more space. Travelling the world with 4 little ones was no picnic and when the time came that we needed more room, we elected to build on rather than have another move. Good look with whatever you decide. Love Pauline

Lisa - Mum to Mitch,Harry and Jack said...

Thank you Auntie Pauline - yes it is a big decision, but we need the room so something has to be done. Just going to Dad's is a big exercise - can't even imagine travelling around the world with kids! Don't know how you did it :-)

Lisa xx