Thursday, June 7, 2007

Growing up and other challenges...

I have been looking through some recent photos taken of the boys - like these ones of Mitch in March - and I have been amazed at how quickly the time has flown by. I remember hearing from many mothers that their children were grown up and out of their home in the blink of an eye and now I see my boys growing up so very fast. As they are growing up they are also developing more and more of their own distinct personalities.

I'll give you an example -
this morning after his bath Harry refused to wear his red jumper no matter how many times I told his it was the same colour as Murray and insisted on wearing his Bob the Builder Jacket...

Then Mitch became upset when I took his socks of because he wanted to wear them in the bath!

Where have those compliant little boys gone? They are long gone and in their place are two very different, but somehow very similar boys who have opinions and aren't afraid to voice them (hmmm.... who do they sound like?). I have said since the moment the boys came home that I have loved each phase of their development , but this new phase is so exciting. Both boys want to communicate so much - and although sometimes I don't understand every word, I still see their brains developing as they learn more about the world.

Another issue I have been pondering - since a recent post on Austprem - is how to deal with prejudice or misunderstanding from others when it comes to my boys. You see everyone that knows my boys and their story are full of praise for how far they have come and what happy little guys they are despite such a rocky start to life. BUT I already have had comments from other people regarding their small size and appearance - most of these comments are kind, but some are downright offensive. So as a Mum how do I deal with this problem? And how do I prepare the boys for questions which might arise later on in life?

All things to ponder as we enter the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, which is not on her birthday, but is a lovely excuse for a long weekend.


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