Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A precious gift...

Today has been a very long day for our family - I have a nasty tummy bug, Mitch has conjunctivitis (again) and we are trying to potty train two very stubborn little boys. Poor Kev has spent the day at home with us and I am sure he is counting the minutes until he can get back to work. In amidst all of this chaos - I have had time to think about how lucky we are as a family. Yes! Lucky! Because despite our various minor ailments and the fact that the boys have hidden the puzzle pieces in the wood box for the hundredth time - our lives are happy.

This leads me to the reason for today's post. A short time ago I read online about a precious little boy Kaleb Schwade who was a normal happy little 5 month old when his Mummy dropped him off to childcare. And then he was allegedly shaken so severely by his carer that he sustained a major brain injury that has left him blind and fighting for his life. The doctors (from what I understand) hold little hope that he will have any quality of life and believe he will remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. And his parents are desperately praying for a miracle. And while the situations are vastly different - I can truly empathise with the parent's overwhelming grief at this time. For we experienced many months of wondering, wishing and hoping with Mitch & Harry.

This Kaleb's Mummy's blog - if you have time drop by and maybe leave a message of support.

So today, even though I feel crappy and the boys are driving Kev and I slowly round the twist. I will pause for a moment and think of another mother who would give anything to be thinking about potty training and common colds...



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