Monday, November 12, 2007

The continuing adventures of Mitch & Harry

So much is happening at our house at the moment...
Mitch & Harry have finally graduated to big boy beds and their own rooms. The original plan was to have them in the same room - but due to the space limitations of both bedrooms it worked out easier to have them in different rooms. They are still next to each other and we often find them climbing into bed together for a cuddle. We invested in some Ikea shelving units for their toys and they love to play with their toys in their room. Fortunately they are fairly good at packing up with a bit of help. Anyone who visits our house is immediately dragged into the boys' rooms to be shown around.
Our next bit of exciting news is that both boys are now enjoying having tea with Mummy and Daddy at the big table. Up until now they always had tea before we did, because they were ready to eat at around 5pm and Kev often was only getting home at that time. Now they enjoy going outside to play and then coming in to sit at the table. Kev & I have both been surprised at how well they have taken to sitting on their booster seats and remaining seated until we have all finished our meals. An added benefit is that they are now trying new foods much more easily - Harry's new favourite is "eellaclado" (avocado) and Mitch's is "dinosaur lettuce" (because Mummy told him that dinosaurs eat lettuce).
And yesterday we visited the CP Specialist and he has cleared the boys of Cerebral Palsy. He believes that it would have manifested by now and that they are exhibiting none of the classic signs. So we are just to follow up with our Paediatrician. This was a tremendous relief, although even if they had been diagnosed we would have dealt with it. The boys are also getting a great deal of benefit from two special playgroups they are attending a week - both are about 30 mins from home and it seems to take forever to organise ourselves, but the boys are learning and growing, so that's all that matters.
So I suppose that's about it for my update. Life is very busy, but also very happy. Some days Kev and I are exhausted, but one look at our precious little boys and we realise just how lucky we are and just how far we have come.
Lisa xx

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