Friday, June 6, 2008

Speech therapy update

Well a fortnight ago the boys had their formal speech assessment in preparation for the Development Unit Team meeting next month. And the abridged version is that both have been diagnosed with a severe receptive and expressive language disorder and they tested in the first percentile for their age, meaning that if 100 children were
tested 99 children would score better than them. I actually took this news in my stride (which surprised me) and I took the literature I was given and left the rooms.

My poor hubby is devastated - he said he thought that "one day the boys would be fine" and this has hit him really hard. I have tried to emphasise to him that they are still our two beautiful boys who are social butterflies and love life, but
it is hard. Mitch & Harry are of course oblivious and they told me they "did a good job" :-)

So now it just needs to sink in...

The Speechie was great and took ages to explain this all to me. She agrees with my belief that the boys have microscopic damage done to their brains as a result of the extreme prematurity (even though all CTs etc have been clear). And she explained that the problems the boys have with their speech can never be cured, but can be managed to varying degrees.

On a happier note - Mitchell has his glasses and he loves them. The firt time he put them one he turned around and said to me... "Mummy I can see. Now I can read books!". He is very good with keeping them on and carefully puts them on if they fall off. At this stage the only problem we have is when Harry and Mitch have a fight - then the glasses seem fair game :-(

If I get myself organised I will post a photo of Mitch with his glasses - he looks so grown up!

Sending much love to our family and friends.
Even though we may not be in touch often you are in our thoughts and hearts,
Love Lisa


Aprilyn said...

You have such a wonderful look on life. I'm glad you posted the update. I can't wait to see the pictures of Mitch in his new glasses!

Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Aprilyn for your love and support,