Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feeding the cows and other great adventures...

Don't you just love these photos! Harry is clearly loving his first experience of feeding cows. And Mitch is sleeping through the entire process! This was taken a few weeks ago on my Uncle M's 60th birthday. We all went out for a beautiful meal and then afterwards headed back to Uncle M's and Auntie M's farm. The boys are still talking about it.

Each week sees another small step forward. Harry is trialling wearing underpants at night and he is very excited with being such a "big boy". It is not unusual for him to loudly announce to anyone that "now I do poos in toilet" - which I am sure thrills others no end. Both of the boys' speech is certainly improving and while they do have obvious difficulties with understanding, they really try hard to express themselves. Only over the past couple of months has Harry been able to really tell us what he wants without us taking forever with multiple guesses to work out what he is saying. And as a result he has become much more responsive to us and the meltdowns are far less frequent. Apart from that Mitch has taken to his glasses like a real trooper - which is great and he suddenly looks so grown up and serious.

The biggest news is that in less than 2 months both boys start early entry kindy. It is hard to believe that our little men are grwoing up so fast! I am sure they will love kindy. Mummy however may find it a bit of a challenge (grin). They will start off with 90 mins once a week for the last 5 weeks of term 3 and then will move into pre-entry. They are doing a extra term to aid in assessing what support they may need in the full time kindy setting. At this stage we are waiting for the team meeting and will take it from there.

Some of you may notice I am posting this at 3.15 am and wonder why I am not in bed like all sane people! Well unfortunately I can't seem to sleep since I started trying to get to bed earlier (lights off by 11.30pm). I am sure this is just my body's way of saying "hey you have knocked me about with all those late nights don't just think I am going to do what you want" (grin). Hopefully this will improve soon! Because I certainly need all the energy I can get running around after Mitch & Harry.

Sending lots of love to you all,


Aprilyn said...

The boys are getting so big. It looks like they had a great time!
We are going swimming in our backyard today. :) We bought a swimming pool so we can cool off.
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Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Aprilyn for checking out our blog.
Hard to believe our babies are growing up so fast isn't it?

Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Gorgeous Pics Lisa,

Wow how exciting for the boys to be starting "Kindy" soon, what will you do in the spare time?

Take Care,
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Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Shelley :-)
Spare time - ummm they only got once a week for less than 2 hours - maybe I will have a hot coffee (grin).