Friday, February 13, 2009

The mysteries of a four year old mind...

I am sure all parents can relate to the challenges of raising a four year old. The never ending questions. The need to push the boundaries just that bit further. Going from joyful to sobbing in a few minutes (and that is just Mum!). Being four must be hard at times. You want to be independent and at the same time the world is a confusing and scary place at times, so you need Mum or Dad close by (just in case). There are SO many things to explore and learn. BUT being the parent of two four year olds is an adventure all of its own...

Why is it that I can create a gourmet meal one night and it is devoured with gusto and the next time I prepare it both boys eye it warily wondering if I am trying to poison them?

Why can they both open the car doors when I don't want them to, but the moment I ask them to open the car door they suddenly can't?

Why do they try to negotiate all of the time?
Harry - Mummy I wanna go outside
Mummy - No. Daddy is mowing the lawn and it is dangerous
Harry - But I want to
Mummy - Not now - very soon
Harry - But I want to...(which is followed by screaming and stomping of feet)
Mummy - I said no! Now go to your room.
Harry - (unintelligible ranting and screaming)

And why do they have to say everything that fleetingly crosses their mind? From 6.30am until 8.00pm I hear every single thought of Harry's, until I feel my brain will explode!

Now if someone has the answers please share - I am sure it would make life a whole lot easier :-)

Sending lots of love,
Lisa xx


Jenn said...

Hey Lis!
I know exactly what you are talking about!!! And not just because I have a 4 year old too but because I have a "Harry" too and although I would love to encourage you and say he will grow out of it and it will get probably wont! Zac still pushes the boundaries to the enth degree and argues his point until he gets the answer he wants! Which, might I add, doesn't happen all of the time (the right answer)but it is just one of the "perks" of parenting. If only we could houses full of "Mitch/Charlie" personalities! But then we wouldn't learn the valuable lessons we do from the "Harry/Zac" personalities!! Hang in there, you are doing a fantastic job with those beautiful boys. I will call you soon because we think we might stay with you for a night soon if that's ok??
Love you heaps

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Woohoo! Would love to have you come and stay :-)

Yes, Harry is my Karma I am afraid... always wanting to know why, when, how and where (a bit like me). He likes things organised and he likes to organise me (sounds familiar doesn't it).

Mitch is my easy going dude who loves everyone and everything... but is in his own little world most of the time :-)

Aaahhh The joys of parenting,