Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yesterday I had a 25 week ultrasound where the placenta, cord flow and cervical length were checked. As soon as they called in the radiologist I realised something was amiss. It turns out that my cervix has an odd appearance and is slightly shortened. Not exactly the news I want to hear. So after a review by the OBGYN I have been started on nightly pessaries and advised to have limited driving and no heavy housework or lifting. I am due to go back in one week for a reassessment.

At this stage we have organised for the boys to be dropped off to child care in the morning by Kev and then picked up in the evening - 3-4 days a week. I have cancelled any long drives to friends and am planning on taking it very easy until the next appointment. BUT I feel so guilty to load this onto the boys and Kevin. And I am a neat freak - so wonder how I will cope without cleaning up!!!

Here is our latest picture of our baby boy - every time the sonographer tried to take a photo he put his hands over his face...


Jodi Devine said...

Oh wow! How gorgeous!

Lisa! The only thing you have to do is rest, rest and rest! LOOK AFTER YOU! The marvellous joy at the end of it all is so worth it. And who cares if the house gets let go or the boys and Kev have to adjust for a little while... it;s not like it will be forever. I know I am probably preaching the same advice I woul ignore! Guilt... we'll always feel it no matter what we do but maybe it is just the time for you to let go of it a little. Be honest with the boys as you were with Mitch today... they'll understand in theor own gorgeous and caring way. Jodi xxxx

the other lisa said...

Don't you dare feel guilty. Five years from now it won't matter, won't even be thought of. It can't be helped anyway and is far better than what may happen if you don't.
You take it easy this weekend then, no partying with the girls :)

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thanks Lisa & Jodi

JoDee said...

Try to take it easy Lisa. It is so hard being on restrictions. You never truely know how much you do until you are unable to do it.

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thanks Jodee - luckily I have a great hubby :-)

At the moment I am spending some time reading, resting and sorting through the boys' clothes.
Lisa xx