Tuesday, September 15, 2009

35 weeks and an overnight hospital stay...

Well I reached 35 weeks yesterday and just to make the day exciting I ended up in hospital with a hypertensive episode. I have been feeling completely exhausted for the past week and felt quite strange so did my BP at home and it was 180/110. Luckily my local GP was able to see me where my BP was 170/110. So off to the hospital for some monitoring - and they decided to keep me overnight for some monitoring. No signs of pre-eclampsia, although I have sowllen feet, hands and face... but my blood and urine tests are all clear. The baby is doing well and still moving about a lot. Was discharged this morning to my great relief - since I hadn't expected to be admitted I had no toiletries etc and felt yucky. So back home for a shower and then fell promptly asleep on the lounge for almost 2 hours.

So I now only have 1 week and 5 days before admission for steroids and then delivery in 2 weeks (on Sept 30th). I am so grateful that our precious baby has had this extra time in utero - so far 10 long weeks more than his big brothers. BUT I am looking forward to meeting him and finally feeling a bit better.

On top of all of this Mitch had his ear surgery just over a week ago - this was because the cartilage never properly developed in his ears and as a result his ears folded every time he put glasses on. Now an adorable 5 year old with an elastic strap on his glasses is very cute - but fast forward to when he enters that awkward teenage stage and we decided it would be best for him to have an op now. He really was incredibly brave - althought the stitches which cover the back of both ears must be uncomfortable to say nothing of the bandage he had to wear all of the time for a week! Now he is just having to wear the bandage each night.

And then... last weekend we finally had the boys' fifth birthday party at Hungry Jacks. It was a hot, dry windy day, but everyone braved the day and made it extremely special for Mitch and Harry. I was totally exhausted (and really just wanted to crawl into bed), but two beautiful little boys needed to celebrate turning 5 years old...

Mmmm... now I realise why I am feeling so very tired - maybe I should just climb into bed and stay there for the next 2 weeks...


PS - please forgive the quality of some of the photos - discovered 2 little sticky fingerprints on the lens of my camera - seems one of the boys fancies himself as a photographer.


Shelley said...

You're looking great Lisa! All the best for the next few weeks :)

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thanks Shelley!
Lisa xx