Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 weeks...

Just a little post to let you know that I am now 28 weeks pregnant and at this stage everything looks to be going well. Okay, well I could do without the high blood pressure and diabetes and all of the meds...BUT the baby is growing well, moving a lot and shows no signs of arriving early. I saw the OBGYN today and she has scheduled me for a c-section on Sept 30th - when I will be 37 weeks. The reasons for delivering a bit earlier and by c-section are mainly due to my existing pregnancy issues and the fact that if they let nature take its course, then there could be increased risks for the baby (and me). At this stage it is predicted that our little baby boy will go to Special care for anywhere up to 3 days while they stabilise his blood sugar levels, but hopefully when I go home so will he! The hospital even offers a boarding room (in the ward) where I take care of myself, but can stay for several days if our baby needs extra time. During the c-section the doctors are also going to remove my right ovary with the troublesome cyst and perform a tubal ligation ( we are happy with 3 beautiful boys). So I imagine that I will be staying in hospital for about 7 days - 2 days before the c-section and 5 days after. BUT if I make a speedy recovery I am sure they will happily discharge me earlier :-)

We are organised and are now just counting down the weeks. The nursery is decorated and ready for its new occupant. I have managed to purchase lots of cute tiny clothes (probably too much but who cares!). And last weekend I went out with my beautiful friend Pat and my beautiful sister in law Kelly and purchased a divine red pram and a change table. So it feels like we are as organised as we can be at this stage. Those of you who know me well won't be at all surprised to learn that I even have two lists stuck to the nursery door with things I need to bring to hospital for me and for our baby boy. Now here's hoping he is just as organised (grin).

Hugs to all,
Lisa xx

Monday, July 20, 2009

My latest scrapping layouts...

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enought to go away with a group of girlfriends for the weekend. There was lots of eating, lots of shopping and a little scrapbooking thrown in for good measure. Here are some of the layouts I finished...

And here is the close up of the paper piecing Koala...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good News!!!

Went for the follow up cervical scan yesterday and saw the Prof of the unit who actually performed the scan and then chatted with me afterwards. He said my cervix looks completely normal! This could be because I am on the pessaries or more likely because the previous measurements were more pessemistic. He recommended staying on the pessaries and light duties for the next 5 weeks. He doesn't need to see me for 2 weeks. This time I actually asked the measurements and at rest I was 4.5cm and bearing down I measured 4.15cm.

Feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am always cautious about being overly confident with this pregnancy, but for the moment things are good :-)

Now I am enjoying the nesting phase of preparing for our precious bundle. Have the baby's room all organised with the tiny clothes we have put away (note to self more shopping required). And Kev put up the cot from Mum & Dad's place. Thanks to Mandy for an adorable Pooh Bear quilt and the loan of a lovely basinette. Next big purchase a pram (still can't decide which one) and a change table!

Lisa xx

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yesterday I had a 25 week ultrasound where the placenta, cord flow and cervical length were checked. As soon as they called in the radiologist I realised something was amiss. It turns out that my cervix has an odd appearance and is slightly shortened. Not exactly the news I want to hear. So after a review by the OBGYN I have been started on nightly pessaries and advised to have limited driving and no heavy housework or lifting. I am due to go back in one week for a reassessment.

At this stage we have organised for the boys to be dropped off to child care in the morning by Kev and then picked up in the evening - 3-4 days a week. I have cancelled any long drives to friends and am planning on taking it very easy until the next appointment. BUT I feel so guilty to load this onto the boys and Kevin. And I am a neat freak - so wonder how I will cope without cleaning up!!!

Here is our latest picture of our baby boy - every time the sonographer tried to take a photo he put his hands over his face...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

24 weeks and 2 days and counting...

Life sure has a funny way of catching you unawares. Well it does for me anyway. Apart from a few hiccups I have been coping well with the pregnancy and haven't dwelled overly on the frightening start the boys had to life. BUT this weeks has been a time for tears and worry. Mitch and Harry were born at 24 weeks and 6 days and all of a sudden I have been keenly aware of reaching that milestone with this baby. Added to this Kev has been working lots of odd shifts - coming home at 2.30 am some days and working weekends and so I suppose I have had more time alone with my thoughts, which isn't always a good thing.

But in amongst all of this there has been a bright side. I have been motivated to make visual schedules for the boys to assist them (and us) in streamlining their routines. Visual schedules are typically used for children with learning difficulties, speech disorders or behavioural issues. They may be used to specify acceptable behaviours, specific daily routines or even break down a single activity into small steps (ie going to the toilet). In Mitch & Harry's case it was first suggested at kindy that they may find a visual schedule useful as they were unable to recall the activities required each morning at kindy. After 3 terms of telling them each morning what they had to do, it became apparent that they were really struggling with the planning required to get ready for kindy. One of the teachers made a simple schedule and Harry in particular flourished. He now rushes to his visual schedule and tells me what he has to do - it has been a wonderful way for him to become more independent. So I finally buckled down this weeks and revised the boys' daily schedules and made a weekly one too. We are now just trailling it to see how it goes and whether it helps (or hinders)...but so far so good.

This is the weekly schedule which tells the boys what activities the family has planned throughout the week - like swimming, meeting friends, kindy, child care and quiet time...

This is the daily schedule which reminds the boys about their "jobs" - clearing the table, getting dressed, toiletting etc...

Next thing on the agenda is moving some of our furniture to Dad's place - that way we can start to set up the nursery and get the boys' bunk bed organised. I will of course be in my element - cleaning, tidying and organising :-)

Love to all,
Lisa xx