Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My brave big boys...

Mitch and Harry started school today and were so very excited! Poor Harry was so excited he fell over outside the classroom and badly grazed his knee. So day one and we already know where the sick room is! The boys went to their classrooms (they are in different classrooms) and happily joined in the activities. Luckily Kev is on leave for the next 3 days so he was able to help me with settling the boys into school - not that they needed much help! They were busy chatting and drawing as we left and not a tear was shed (not even from Mummy).

This afternoon when I went to collect them they were so excited and happily told me all of the activities of the day. Mitch also proudly announced that he did "a huge poo in the toilet!". This had been a big concern of mine as toilet training is still a work in progress, but the teachers are taking him to the toilet 3 times a day which is wonderful. Nevertheless he has spare clothes just in case.

So the first day of school! What a milestone. Kev commented to me today that just over 5 years ago we could never imagine just how far our boys would come. And even if we had dreamed we would have imagined a special school or profound disabilities... how fortunate we are that our little men have turned out the way they have...

Wishing all Mummies and Daddies with children heading to school a smooth transition into the new school year,


Anonymous said...

Oooohhhhh.!!!!!..Wow...Brought tears to my eyes, with the wonderful new's of Our Great Nephews . Harry & Mitch..First day @ school... Unk & I are SOooo proud of them. You & Kev have done a wonderful job to get them here, with all their obsticles in the past....Just know we love you all dearly..xxx Auntie & Uncle ( M ) ..xxxx

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you Auntie Mary and we adore you!