Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preparing for school...

We are officially on the countdown for school! Only 3 days to go and Mummy is getting excited. It is well and truly time for the boys to start - they are getting a bit stir crazy with Mummy always needing to look after Jack and are keen to spend time with friends. Don't get me wrong I have made sure to include lots of play dates - but these have been a bit limited. Nevertheless the school holidays have been a lovely time and the boys have had fun.

So not too long until they hoist their school bags onto their backs and head off into the big wide world of school. They will be in seperate classes (this was our decision) and this will be a new thing for them. In kindy they were in different groups but only some of the time - this will be a whole new experience. BUT I think it will be good for them both. They are very different both in appearance and personality and this will be yet another way of stamping their individuality on the world :-)

So as we gently slide into the new school term the world is full of promise and I can't help but think back to those tiny fragile little babies born over 5 years ago who so desperately clung to life. How we hoped and prayed that they would survive and how we had no idea of what impacts prematurity would have on their little bodies. And here they are now ready to face school - dealing with more than their fair share of challenges, but still happy and excited about being "big boys"...

Hoping your New Year is full of excitement too!

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