Friday, May 14, 2010

At last a moment to collect my thoughts...

Pat and Jason Stevens (and someone's bottom - grin)

Freya with the big boys at Adelaide Zoo

Jack enjoying his cuddles in his sling

Mitch & Harry with bantam eggs collected from Grandad's chickens

Okay okay I can't blame anyone other than myself for being so slack with this blog! After all I find time to muck around on Face book... BUT life is a constant battle to find time to do the things I need to do and want to do. The days often fly by and I find myself wondering just how it happened that my tiny, fragile prem babies are now gorgeous 5 year olds with attitudes to match! So here goes with an update...

Mitch is currently battling pharyngitis and laryngitis and has been home from school for the past 2 days. There is not much of him (weighing in at a hefty 15 kg) and colds and viral illnesses seem to hit him far harder than Harry. He has a croaky voice and a revolting cough, but appears to be on the mend. It could also be that the lure of a birthday party for a friend tomorrow is playing a role in his Lazarus like recovery! He loves school and has taken to reading very well. He tries hard and is popular with his classmates - in fact one of the mums mentioned her daughter was distraught that Mitch wasn't at school and was very worried about him (so cute). He also loves swimming lessons and of course trains. He has really taken a shine to Jackson recently and loves to play with him and tell him stories.

Harry is his usual exuberant self! He is a computer geek and loves nothing more than the opportunity to surf the web (under strict supervision of course). He enjoys school and fortunately has a teacher who is firm but fair. He was making a habit of going to the toilet a lot, so she made a toilet picture for him that he must hand in when he goes to the toilet and he is only able to use this four times a day. He also gets sent on a lot of "important jobs" - the other day he was very upset that I was leaving and his teacher asked him to take a message to another teacher. I have a sneaking suspicion it said "please occupy this annoying five year old" (grin). He has always been terrific with Jack and loves to help in any way (as long as it doesn't interfere with his computer time).

Jackson is growing up TOO fast. He is eating loads of solids - his faves are lamb shanks with mashed potato and mangoes with yoghurt. He is also rather fond of milk arrowroot biscuits. He is trying to crawl but manages to propel himself about the place with a technique akin to a caterpillar. He is such a contented little man and loves people. Wherever we go he attracts attention - and he loves it! Last month we flew with me to Newcastle for one of my best friend's engagement come wedding. You may have seen the footage on TV if you are a rugby fan - she was on the Matty John's show with her hubby Nick and Jason Stevens walked her down the aisle and serenaded her with an Elvis song. It was only a quick visit but we had a lovely time and Jack was spoiled with loads of cuddles.

The boys and I also had a lovely catch up with our dear friend Freya when she made a flying visit from the USA back to SA. We went to see the pandas at the zoo and enjoyed going out for a meal. It was all too quick, but we are looking forward to her next visit :-)

Kev is still working hard. He does a lot of Air Force reserve hours and also works on base at Air Movements. He is still into his games, but family life tends to limit his opportunities to play. As for me I am enjoying the challenges of being a SAHM and am trying (albeit slowly) to get fit and lose some weight (the never ending battle).

Life is very good for the five of us. We are lucky to be surrounded by good friends and family and we are blessed to have each other. Now before I turn into a bad Hallmark greeting card - I must fly...

Hope this find you all happy and well,
Lisa xx

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