Sunday, March 20, 2011

The house hunt continues...

"Oh No" I hear you say. Yes, its true unfortunately. We thought we were going ahead with that beautiful home, but it wasn't to be... and frankly I am sick of living in a packed up house!!! Our house is still on the market and we are currently back to weekends looking through houses. It means a mad dash as we clean our home, whilst rounding up the three boys. "Don't use the toilet its finally clean" " Stop touching the surfaces" "Please don't touch the books and toys Mummy finally got it tidy". And yes it is as relaxing as it sounds (eye roll).

And I have to confess that some of the houses we have seen have been gag-worthy! Seriously, if you are selling your home, then the odour of cat urine is not a selling point, neither is a table heavily encrusted with food. And that was in the same house and a very new home too. I know that not all people are quite as obsessive as me, but a bit of spray and wipe does wonders.

Some of the homes have been lovely though. And I hope that anyone who visits our home sees that although it has a dated kitchen and bathroom, it is much loved and well maintained. It is kind of confronting to know that people will be traipsing through our family home saying (probably) the same things I say... "Why would they paint it that colour" "God what awful tiles" "Would have been lovely if they mopped the floor"...

Oh well will keep you posted - hopefully next post will be a more positive one...


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