Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Plague strikes again...

Don't you just love the diseases a toddler (or two) can bring into the household? Our family is currently in the grip of a salmonella outbreak! We are uncertain of the original source of the infection, but the consequences are being felt (and I mean truly felt) thoughout our family. Poor Harry was the first to be struck down and ended up in hospital with Mummy for 2 days on a drip. Then just as he started to improve, Mitch became ill. And then as luck would have it, just as both boys started to feel happier and more energetic...I got it. And I am not a good patient. I can't stand staying in bed if I can things going on and I have a insatiable desire to be in control from my "deathbed". So poor Kev has been home today, trying to placate the three of us.

Hoping that these things don't spread by the internet (grin)


lisa said...

You poor guys, tracy was telling me about it. I hope you are all good for the boys birthday, Steve and I found something for Jewel to wear to it at the Sunday markets at the train station and I cant wait to see her in it. Hope you start feeling better soon..and let hubby take over girl! everything will be ok without you for a bit. Oh, Avril came home yesterday.

Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Lisa for your kind words. Fingers crossed the boys will be on the mend for their Bob the Builder themed birthday :-)

PS - left message for you on your site