Tuesday, August 4, 2009

29 weeks today!!!

pregnancy cartoon

Today we reached 29 weeks with no sign of Baby Reid arriving soon. He is certainly making his presence felt and loves to perform his gymnastic's routine especially at night. It is such a comforting feeling to know he is moving about - although I imagine as I get closer to 37 weeks it may be more forceful. Today I packed his bag for the hospital - I honestly am not really sure what to pack as the boys came so early and it was at least 3 months before they could fit into any clothes. But I have packed his little clothes and some odds and ends. In the next week or so I will pack mine - must get some nighties which are modest. Kev is still scarred by the vision of a mother (not me) in NICU who was rather large and wore sleeveless nighties and no bras. Let's just say it didn't leave much to the imagination!

Apart from that we are plodding along. The boys and I have another cold - nothing serious, but when you can't take anything stronger than a Panadol and you spend half the night heading to the toilet it can be rather fatiguing. Today I did my chores before midday and ended up falling asleep for several hours. Not really feeling any better now, but if I spend the evening in bed I definitely won't sleep tonight.

Well, here's hoping that the next few weeks pass easily - only 8 more weeks to go :-)

Lisa xx

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