Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our not so little boy...

Yesterday we went for a follow up ultrasound to check on my ovarian cyst (which is being removed post c-section) and our precious baby boy. According to the technician the baby weighs approx 3.5 kg. This is on the upper limits of normal for 32 weeks and could be related to my Diabetes. My BP was also up, not surprising I suppose since I heard I am having such a big baby!!! So BP meds and Diabetes meds were adjusted. The good news is that our (not so) little man seems to be doing well.

The facial 3D shot is slightly obscured by his umbi cord and the fact he wouldn't cooperate (why doesn't that surprise me).

Lisa xx


Freya said...

Hey Lisa,
Wow.........3.5kg already!!! I'm glad you're having a c section girl! He looks adorable btw and I reckon a lot like Harry around the mouth.
Love you,

lisa v said...

That's good :) unless you go the whole way, which you're not likely to...then it's a bit ouchie :(
Mind you Lisa, my grandson was predicted to be over 8 lbs and was only 6lb 9. So they're not always accurate.
Love those 2 pages too, the paper is really great, quite elegant looking and a bit different.

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Hi Freya,
Funnily enough I thought he looked like me.
My dad just said he look like a "beast" - but that could also because I look like an extra for Alien at the moment with my huge tummy :-)

Lisa xx

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you Lisa.

The physician told me that the ultrasound could be quite inaccurate. Just want our not so little man to be safe.

Lisa xx

JoDee said...

Love those chubby cheeks! He is such a good size.