Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 weeks pregnant - only 6 weeks to go

pregnancy cartoon

Well I am now 31 weeks pregnant (and one day) and we have only 6 weeks to go to my c-section! I am still finding it hard to believe that we will have a new baby in our home in a month and a half. Poor Kev is no doubt sick of me saying this and telling him every time the baby kicks. This is all just so new and after the worries of the earlier weeks it is lovely to realise how far we have come.

I saw our OBGYN yesterday and she commented on how well I have coped despite the medical issues (if only she knew) and how she had serious doubts in the early days whether I would make it past 28 weeks. She listened to the baby's heartbeat and did my measurements and was pleased with my progress. I LOVE this OBGYN she NEVER weighs you and is very matter of fact about everything and at the same time reassuring. I suppose another bit of good news is that I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy (lets face it I had a lot onboard already) and so I am hoping after the baby arrives I may not need to drastically change my diet from my current Diabetic one. The only thing I have been craving is pasta! The serve you can have for a meal on this particular diet is tiny and I have been dreaming of fettucine puttanesca and a glass or two of shiraz!

Apart from that I am slowly recovering from the flu - not unwell, just really tired at times. The boys are also showing signs of fatigue with the extra child care sessions, but at this stage it can't be helped. When Kev goes on paternity leave we are going to reduce their child care hours right down so they get more of their beloved jarmie days. And then Kev's folks will be coming down from QLD for a week - so I am sure this will give the boys the energy boost they need :-)

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to us - for the meals cooked, the child minding given and most of all for just being there. We truly appreciate it.

Much love,


Darce said...

Congratulations on making it to 32 weeks. Your baby will be here soon. I'm glad you're getting great care.
Just a random stranger who happened upon your blog. I wish you the very very best.
-Darcy I argue with Mo about stuff.

Lisa - Mum to Mitch and Harry said...

Thank you.