Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gratitude - day five

I am grateful for my home. That might seem a bit funny, especially since we are looking for a new home. But recently I listened to a radio program in which they discussed homelessness in South Australia and particularly Adelaide. They estimated that there were more than 230 homeless families with children currently residing in Adelaide. These families were often reluctant to seek help, as they were fearful of having their children taken away. The radio article commented on how homelessness impacted on everything in a child's life - and would impact on their adult life too. How is it that we live in such an affluent society, but we have children living in cars or in parks? Having cared for homeless people as a nurse, I understand that some individuals remain homeless due to addictions or mental illness and that even with the best intentions in the world they are unable to be housed. BUT children? What choice do they have?

That got me thinking about my boys and our living situation. Sure our home is a bit cramped, but it is comfortable and clean. We live in a nice neighbourhood and are fortunate to have good neighbours. It will be great when we find a new home, which gives us a little more room to move. However our family doesn't have to wonder where they will sleep each night or whether they will be safe. Our little home is a haven away from the worries of the world. So I am grateful for our home.

Hope you have your own little haven too,
Lisa xx

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