Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gratitude - day two...

I am grateful that my family and I live in Australia! And probably more to the point that we live in South Australia. SA is a hidden gem - beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, fantastic wineries and restaurants, and a city which is easy to get around (on most days).

I am reminded daily of just how beautiful this place is when I drive a short distance from home and stretched out before me are the magnificent vineyards of the Barossa. A community settled in part by people who were fleeing religious persecution in their homeland of Germany (formerly Prussia). They came to our country seeking a new life and as a consequence brought their knowledge of viticulture which is now an integral aspect of our lives here in SA. Now a trip to SA wouldn't be the same without sampling our local wines.

Our beaches are wonderful. And there is something so soothing about walking for miles along a deserted beach. Withing a short drive from the centre of Adelaide (or a slightly longer tram ride) you can be at the beach - enjoying a swim, sunbathing or taking a walk.

Our scenery is breathtaking. Whether you explore the Great Australian Bight, The Flinders Ranges or The Murray River there are wonderful photo opportunities everywhere. Sometimes it is easy to drive past in a flurry and fail to take it all in, but it IS there waiting to be discovered.

Yes, living in South Australia is something I am very grateful for (although not as often as I should be). So my plan this weekend? Enjoy some of the fruits of the vine, take a walk along a beach and take the time to explore my little corner of the world.

Thanks for reading,
Lisa xx

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