Sunday, December 10, 2006

Well what a hot and uncomfortable time! The past few days Adelaide has sweltered. On Saturday it was 41 degrees celcius and poor Kev had to work. So the boys and I stayed inside and played. At least we stayed cool, unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the Airconditioner installer and our friend Tony who installed a fantastic airconditioner in our shed. So now I can scrap in comfort - THANKS GUYS!! Mitch & Harry kept cool with lots of cold baths and running around in the boxer shorts. They looked so cute! Then Saturday Grandad came and looked after the boys so Kev & I could go out for a while. We caught up with friends at two parties - and one of us drank rather too much Bundy. Can't tell you who...but let's just say no scrapbooking was done today. And today we went to Dad's and just kicked back for the afternoon. The boys had their first experience of iceblocks on the stick - Mitch devoured his...and Harry threw his in the fountain.
Hope everyone has managed to stay safe with all the bushfires. And has managed to keep cool.


Shelley said...

Wow Lisa the boys certainly did look like they were enjoying their Iceblocks! I didn't realise that Kev was a Scrapbooker, lol! Tell him he'll have to lay off the Bundy so he can get some more Scrapping done!

Take Care,
Shelley Turner.
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Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Shelley,
I will tell Kev to moderate his Bundy consumption (grin).