Sunday, April 22, 2007

The childcare dilemma...

As most of you would realise I am a stay at home mum (hence the blog name). I have loved being at home with my boys, but recently have found life has been getting harder. I just don't seem to have either the energy or the willingness to do much for myself - all my energy goes on my precious little boys. Anyway, after much soul searching we enrolled the boys in childcare once a week. The boys and I went to check out the facility and before I knew it they had joined the colouring in and were happily playing with the other children. They cried when we had to leave! Best news is that they can start at the commencement of the next school term which is just over a week away. At this stage I am not returning to work for a while. I hope to use this day to do something for me - maybe get a haircut or go to the gym. Hopefully the boys will love their time at childcare - only time will tell. One thing is for certain - I WILL love having a few hours to drink hot coffee, eat breakfast in peace or close my eyes for a few minutes. And then I will be counting down the minutes until I get to see them again...

Hope everyone has a blessed week,

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