Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The boys first day at child care

Today Mitchell & Harrison had their first day at child care. They were very excited as we drove into the carpark, but Harry was a bit sad when it was time for Mummy to leave. I went off to get a haircut and then spent the afternoon watching trash TV and reading trashy mags. I rang to check on the boys a couple of times and they were having lots of fun and were enjoying all the new sights and sounds. Then I arrived to collect them and Harry really didn't want to come home. Mitch however asked for a cuddle straight away and didn't let go until he was safely in his car seat. By all reports it was a successful first day and they played well with their new friends. So same time next week we will be back to "kindy" for the day. It makes me realise how quickly my beautiful boys are growing up. They are sociable and affectionate and reasonably confident - I just hope that Kev and I have prepared them for the world outside of home.




Rebecca said...

Well done Harry and Mitch! I hope you have lots of fun at 'kindy' each week and make lots of new friends.

Aprilyn said...

I'm glad Mitch and Harry had a good time. I don't think you can ever truly prepare them for the world outside your home but your home can always be a safe haven from the world. Your boys will always be able to come home and fell loved and supported! That's important and that is what you are good at!!

Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

Thanks Aprilyn & Bec,
I must admit I was surprised at how much they enjoyed it - can't wait to see what happens next week,